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recombinant engines / slave & master project

lowtec token, 40mm aluminium zertifikat, 40 stueck, nummeriert

Artcoded works on the recombination and revalorisation of redundant technologies we call hardwarehacker or slave&master projects. In a series of international arts-laboratories in Zurich, Rotterdam and Vienna we boosted an international hardwarehacker scene as a subset of a MODing culture of hard- and software-modifications. Finding free hardware and collecting techno-scrap is practised in this scene as a situationist form of social engineering. After some manipulations the recombinant engines are started. Every reconfiguration is documented as a experiment report in the style of doityourself nerd sites. The way of accessing a black box is described as manual for others. So assets, merits, and knowgoods are generated from zero cost material. These acts are the equivalent value for the Lowtec Token. Device has a double meaning: currency and tackle. Lowtec Tokens are the devices of a society of devices. In numismatics each coin is embossed with a certain intention. The Lowtec Token is coining terms as recombinant, modification, moding and hardwarehacker. - Jahrmann/Moswitzer

...We have for too long already been used as the screens on which the "Big Players" play their games. We are the units through which they make their exchanges. ... which General's view of which decisive moment in which historic victory we want played back in an approximation of sense-collapsing intimacy, is no more than an appearance of interaction down already hard-wired routes of pre-digested material. This is the interactivity of the Taylorist production line become entertainment. Boredom is boredom in 32 bits or none. The different uses of media, hi-tech, lo-tech, pro-tech and anti-tech will perhaps provide an array of different takes on the notion of interactivity and push it further.. - Matthew Fuller

The authorship of the machine those of its single units, is evaluated in recombinant experiments. The operational hermetics is opened into the milieu of other modules. Slave&master architectures of engines are tested. "Mediapoiesis" is triggered by the perturbation of different operating-systems as the machinic, the arts and social cultural software. - www.hardwarehacker.konsum.net

low-down in progress (facts)

"borja" by max moswitzer

HUD (HeadUpDisplay)

Single, Master and Slave In computer networking, master/slave is a model for a communication protocol in which one device or process (known as the master) controls one or more other devices or processes (known as slaves). Once the master/slave relationship is established, the direction of control is always from the master to the slave(s). [x]
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